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Why E-Cigarettes Explode, and How You Can Vape Safely 

Whether you’re a beginning or an experienced vape pen user, you may have to wonder what you can do to increase your safety while using your e-cigarette. With any advent of new technology comes potentially new and different safety hazards to be aware of so that you can use your vape pen without too much risk of injury. Even the safest e-cigarette user can be faced with a vape pen that explodes, so let’s discuss how to vape safely.

What causes vape pens to explode?

Although it doesn’t happen frequently, vape pens definitely have the potential to explode and cause fairly significant injuries. But what causes the vape pen to explode? The most common offender with vape pen explosions is the battery itself. The majority of e-cigarettes use what’s called a lithium ion battery, which is the same common battery used in a variety of technological devices like cell phones and digital cameras. When the vaporizer pen heats up, it heats the entire pen. This includes the battery, which actually powers the heating element. However, the lithium ion battery is most at risk for explosion after being in a pressurized environment (like the cabin of an aircraft). This lead to them being banned from aircraft cabins in 2015. Under most normal circumstances, the likelihood of your vape pen exploding is extremely small.

How can I avoid my vape pen exploding?

Besides not sneaking your vape pen into the cabin of an airplane when flying, the easiest thing you can do to be the most safe with your e-cigarette is to make sure you’re monitoring its temperature. If it seems like it is heating up differently than normal, take it in for service. Don’t live it in your car on a hot day. Replace the batteries when needed. Use as directed. Following directions and normal vape pen protocol can reduce your risk to nearly zero when done correctly. The more common risk is actually the weaker ends of the vape pen turning into a burn risk. See more this site

Tips for safe vape pen usage :

– Always use the manufacturer provided charger: don’t use a third-party or black market charger. They may cause damage to your battery and increase the risk of overheating or exploding.

– Only plug your vape pen into outlets. Don’t just use any USB port.

– Buy your products from reputable companies and suppliers. It may be tempting to buy a       second hand or black market vape pen for the cost, but only buy from a sanctioned and licensed vape pen dealer to ensure the safest and most quality product.

– Take care of and keep an eye on your battery. Replace as needed, don’t charge for too long or too often and monitor for overheating.

There are always safety risks involved with new products. This extends to vape pens, or e-cigarettes. To be as safe as possible with your vape pen and to minimize risk, make sure you read and follow all provided directions with purchase. See more this site: http://www.greatconsolidatedpopularparty.org/quitting-smoking-benefits-start-enjoying-benefits-smoke-free/


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